Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tunnel

Jamie Pesch
Creative Writing
29 May 2009

The Tunnel

I hear cheering, music and chanting. The buzzer sounds, and the

people line my walls like sardines in a can. It's dark outside, but

bright in here, for my lights glow with a strong intensity. My walls

are now completely plastered with bodies, and I hear the distant

beat. The deep pounding, like the heartbeat I never had. The sound

grows louder, and the source comes into view. The gleaming brass,

swinging through the air to the rhythm of the drums. Endless rows

of night black and blood red uniforms passing by, one after another.

The strong look on their faces illustrates the meaning of the word

"Pride." I think back and remember the man who started it all,

William Stewart. He started the Friday night tradition; he started

the event that gives me life. I see the people pursuing behind the

band. Within minutes, my tunnel is empty. I am alone again. There

is always an eerie emptiness left behind when my walls are bare.

It could be the spirits of past tradition. Either way, I am dormant,

yet again.

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  1. I am a 1972 MHS graduate and former Big Red Band member. The Tunnel takes me back more than 38 years and I feel the rush as if I'm there today. If the team had won or lost, it didn't matter. You were a proud, strong Big Red! Keep the TRADITION!